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Compositions for competitions

These works are not only musically interesting, but also technically very demanding. This gives the performers the opportunity to present themselves both as artists and to show their virtuosity.

Slawa Ulanowski in the publishing house BOOSEY & HAWKES | SIKORSKI

Compositions for competitions

1989 Concerto for trumpet and symphony orchestra

1978 Sonata for clarinet and piano

(3 Parts)

1980 Concert solo for trumpet and piano

UA 23.04.1983 Prague Spring
01.07.1983 Warna Sommer
Publishing house SOVJETSKIJ KOMPOSITOR 1982

1986 String quartet in C minor

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Publishing house HANS SIKORSKI 1999

1998 "Memories" – violoncello solo

Dedicated to the Holocaust victims

Premiere: 30.10.1998 Duisburg
Publishing house HANS SIKORSKI 1999

2002 "Reflections..." – for violin and violoncello

Publishing house HANS SIKORSKI 2002

2011 "At the Western Wall" – for oboe or violin and piano

Publishing house HANS SIKORSKI 2016

2020 "Passion Night" – tango for two violins

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