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Commissioned composition

Commissioned compositions on request from the performers: solo, chamber and orchestral works.

The most important part and the starting point of composing music is the idea. Without them, a piece of music can be formally cleanly constructed, but it remains a completely lifeless accumulation of notes. However, the composer's idea should not necessarily remain the only source of inspiration; on the contrary, the work is realized through the collective creativity of the possible participants, such as conductors, directors, choreographers, performers, etc.


Editing of the piece of music and creation of the score for large symphony orchestra, big band and chamber ensemble.

The arrangement of music does not only mean the pure instrumentation of piano pieces for orchestra or the transfer of the score of one ensemble formation for another. I'm more interested in the so-called “authorized arrangement” inspired by a new idea or incorporating newly composed themes that require a new orchestral score. Of course, these elements should not result in an eclectic piece of music and should not come into conflict with the original. The unity and character of the source should be treated with sensitivity and respect in this case.

Variety of inspiration

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Observing the world in all its diversity, we not only learn to understand it, but also receive a strong impetus for further creativity. Dances and rituals of the peoples of the world leave the indelible mark on our souls and create a starting point for similar stylizations. Syncreting the national rituals, connecting words, music, art and dance, allows the composer to bring these elements into their works, both theatrical and orchestral, so that he could create his own synthetic art.

Composition cannot be taught, composition can only be learned. Composition is not only skill and talent, but also hours of non-stop work. Improvisation is similar to composition in the form of instant photography, momentary work with simultaneous performance during which there is no opportunity to make changes. Composition is the same improvisation, only with the possibility of correcting it several times.

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