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The Snging Sands

A choreographic legend for symphony orchestra

This programmatic symphonic composition can be performed as a one-act ballet for 3 soloists.
Depending on the choreography, it is also possible to cast a ballet ensemble.


In the year of the snake, a young man fell in love with a young girl who deserved that love. In the year of the snake, the young girl looked at her reflection for a long time and suddenly she heard someone calling her. But it wasn't the young man, it was the wind singing, about to move the sand in the desert… The girl followed the song of the wind and disappeared.


The young man went into the desert, followed his beloved and found her. But the wind, jealous of the young man, rose to the gale, and the sand began to sing at his command. The lovers walked not knowing where to go while the wind blew. And they went, went, went…


And they stayed in the desert. And no one could find her. Even the insidious wind lost its tracks. And his song fell silent. But a transparent source began to sing. The source of love. If you drink from it, you will fall in love.




Dead and Well

Score Excerpts

Partitur 1 Partitur 2 Partitur 3 Partitur 4

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