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list of works

Music Theatre

1987 "The Golden Chick" - Musical
Other names: "Honest Robbers", "Na Wolf, super", "Hi, Pappi"

Premiere 22.11.1987 Omsk

This work has been performed in more than 40 musical theatres in Russia, including the Moscow Operetta Theatre, as well as in Poland.

Since its premiere in 1987, millions of spectators have enjoyed this piece. There is hardly a musical theatre in the former Soviet Union where this piece has not been performed.

1990 "The Rockers" - Musical

Premiere August 1991 Engels

1990 "Umka" - Opera for children aged 6-10 years

1994 "The Adventures of Coton" – musical

2001 "Snow White and the Russian Prince" - ballet

Premiere 12.05.2002 Tampere (Finland)
18.09.2002 Essen (Germany)
Edition HANS SIKORSKI 2003

Symphonic works

1983 „The singing sand“ – A choreographic legend for symphony orchestra

This programmatic symphonic composition can be performed as a one-act ballet for 3 soloists. Depending on the choreography, it is also possible to cast a ballet ensemble.



1987 Symphony for soprano, baritone and symphony orchestra

 After poems by Arsenij Tarkowskij

1989 Concerto for trumpet and symphony orchestra

1994 Ludwig van Beethoven / Slawa Ulanowski „Rage over a lost penny“ – Arrangement for percussion solo and orchestra

Premiere 8.11.1994 Dortmund
Edition HANS SIKORSKI 1995

Chambre music

1978 Sonata for clarinet and piano

1979 Vocal Cyclos for soprano, baritone, flauto, violino, cello and piano

After poems by Arsenij Tarkowskij

1980 Concertante Solo for Trumpet and Piano

Premiere 23.04.1983 Prague Spring
01.07.1983 Varna Summer
Edition "Soviet Composer" 1982

1980 Concerto for percussion instruments

Premiere 3.02.1981 Moscow, Bolshoi Theatre

1981 Quintet for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba

Premiere Aug. 1984 Competition Barcs (Hungary)

1981 Suite for flute, tuba and harp

Edition „Soviet composer“ 1988

1981 Easy Duets for Brass Instruments

1985 "Who lives in the house?" - Vocal cyclos for children

After poems by Vladimir Orlov

1986 String quartet in C minor

Edition HANS SIKORSKI 1999

1987 "First Steps" - Vocal Cyclops for Children

After poems by Vladimir Orlov

1998 „Memories“ – Violoncello Solo

Dedicated to the Holocaust victims

Premiere 30.10.1998 Duisburg
Edition HANS SIKORSKI 1999

2002 "Reflections..." - for violin and violoncello

Edition HANS SIKORSKI 2002

2011 "She and He" - Tango for violin, violoncello and piano

Edition HANS SIKORSKI 2012

2011 „At the Wailing Wall“ – for Oboe or Violin and piano

Edition HANS SIKORSKI 2016

2020 „PASSION NIGHT“ – tango for two violins

In addition, throughout the period, numerous song compositions, music for theatre and cinema.